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About SeaGame.Space

SeaGame.Space — is a free browser online game that anyone can play from any device with a web-browser (computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone). You can play either with a bot or with a person. The player statistics are kept (the number of played games, percentage of victories, etc.) The gameplay is a classical «Battleship».


Battleship — is a two-player game, in which players take turn to «shoot», , i.e. choose an unexplored square on the opponent’s grid. If the opponent has a ship positioned at these coordinates, the ship or its’ part are considered to be sunk, and the shooter gets the right to make one more move. The goal of the game is to sink all of the opponent’s ships.

The grid

The grid is a table of 10×10 squares, where a fleet of ships is positioned. Your grid is on the left side. Your opponent’s grid of the same size lays next to yours, but it is empty, i.e. unexplored. This is the sea area where the opponent’s ships float.

Rules of positioning ships on the grid

The following ships should be positioned:
1 ship — «four-decker» takes 4 squares
2 ships — «three-decker» take 3 squares each
3 ships — «two-decker» take 2 squares each
4 ships — «one-decker» take 1 square each
The ships can’t touch each other with sides or corners.

Gameplay rules

The first move is performed by the creator of the game room. The player, performing a move, takes a shot by clicking on an unexplored square on the opponent’s grid, where, in his opinion, the opponent’s ship is positioned. If you hit the opponents’ ship, a fire icon will be displayed in the target square on the opponents’ grid, if you miss, there will be displayed a circle . A ship is considered to be fully sunken when circles cover its perimeter. Your opponent’s last move is highlighted on your grid with an orange square. Your last move is highlighted on your opponent’s grid with a green square.

Your ships
Enemy ships
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Enjoy playing the classic online Battleship with your family and friends anytime and anywhere.

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